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A view of the lobby inside the headquarters of Egression, Inc.
A view of the lobby inside the headquarters of Egression, Inc.
A view of the lobby inside the headquarters of Egression, Inc. (screenshot from author)

First, Some Background

Needless to say…

Rank them on these 4 satisfaction metrics

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There are 4 important motivations to understand how content an employee is. These determine whether an employee is happy with their lot in (work) life, or if they are about to look (or already are looking) for something better. These factors may not be entirely perceived by the employees themselves, but minimally, they will feel them subconsciously, in aggregate, in their general sense of satisfaction.

If you rank highly on each metric, then your employees will be more likely to stick around. If you don’t… well, either fix it, or start looking for replacements.

Without further ado — the 4…

A Quantitative Approach to Trust

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We’ve all worked in places where there was inter- or intra-team conflict. Customer Success thinks Sales is giving them bad-fit customers to onboard. Sales thinks Marketing isn’t good at getting prospects into the top of the funnel. Marketing thinks Product doesn’t know what the market really wants. Product thinks Engineering isn’t delivering quickly enough. Engineering is tired of Customer Success hitting so many bugs by “using the tool the wrong way”.

And around and around we go.

That team conflict can be a huge problem — if teams don’t work well together, they won’t deliver value to their customers efficiently…

Hint: it’s not what you’re doing — do these 8 things instead

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The classic strategy for getting maximum work output out of employees is to monitor their every move. Make sure they don’t waste any time — after all, they’re on the clock, they need to spend their time doing what they’re being paid to do. So watch them like a hawk. Why are they at the proverbial (or real) water cooler for so long? How many cups of coffee do they really need? Is that the fifth time they’ve gone to the bathroom today?

Obviously if you make sure your employees are working nonstop 9–5, you’ll get the most out of…

If it doesn’t provide value, it’s hurting your business

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Products can often fall into a trap. Especially in early stage companies — where product organizations either aren’t mature or don’t exist at all — the team ends up building feature after feature. The name of the game at that stage often seems to be to give the customers what they want, but unfortunately, that typically ends up being at the expense of giving the customers what they need.

Good product organizations solve for this by aiming for outcomes over outputs. It’s about the value you generate, not the features you provide.

Regardless of why you may have too many…

Do, Defer, Delegate, Delete

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In the working world, on a day-to-day basis, you probably have a lot on your plate. A whole slew of work that can’t feasibly all get done.

Some people allow themselves to get stressed out about all that undone work, and some people just go about getting it all done. Before you begin, though, you need to determine what work needs to be done in general, and what works need to be done next.

To help yourself figure out where you’re going to apply your attention, you instinctively categorize work as “important”, and end up sequencing work in the order…

Is there a pattern to the madness?

Stylistic representation of kanban cards
Stylistic representation of kanban cards
Kanban Cards (image created by author)

If your team is like mine, it may take you a while to upgrade the versions of software you use — especially when the differences aren’t completely understood, or all the features you need aren’t yet available in the new version. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t one of those “people don’t like change” situations (at least not for me personally), it’s just that we always have a lot on our collective plate, and upgrading the tools we use isn’t always the highest priority.

I say all that because, if you’re already using Atlassian’s next-gen Jira projects, which they launched

What, What Not, Why, and When

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As a company or product leader, you want to make sure that your business is focused on the right outcomes, so that it will be successful in the long run. As such, you work hard every day to prioritize the work your team is doing, and you strive to focus on solving the most important problems first.

There are many popular prioritization frameworks in product management to help you accomplish this task — Kano, RICE, Weighted Scoring, etc. Some help you focus on problems, some on features. Some give you more flexibility over the number of inputs into the “impact”…

Ensure you have a fighting chance at survival and growth

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What is DRR

As such, DRR is a great way to understand how healthy your business is.

A low DRR essentially means that your customers are leaving you faster than you can replace them — obviously a bad sign for the health of…

Do you collaborate? Or do you “collaborate”?

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Many successful businesses have one particular cornerstone in common: A belief in collaboration.

When founders start a company, they combine an understanding of customer pain points with product development expertise, design principles with programming skills, and market knowledge with sales strategies.

That’s a lot of proficiencies for one person to have. And that’s why you often see the role “co-founder” listed next to executives’ titles. They knew they couldn’t figure it all out on their own, so they teamed up with at least one other person, and collaborated.

Collaboration is one of those words that you see on corporate lists…

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