Know the Questions, Not the Answers

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Why we want to bring escape rooms to your living room

A view of the lobby inside the headquarters of Egression, Inc.
A view of the lobby inside the headquarters of Egression, Inc. (screenshot from author)

First, Some Background

As a puzzle junkie, I simply love puzzle hunts. I was introduced to Carnegie Mellon’s hunts while in undergrad, and quickly latched onto the concept (with success, too — my team won several times). I’ve been doing the MIT Mystery Hunt for the past decade or so (no, my team doesn’t win this one). I anxiously await Foggy Brume’s next Puzzle Boat whenever he finds the time to put on a hunt all by himself. I love the Galactic Puzzle Hunts that the Galactic Trendsetters put on. And I keep my eye on the Puzzle Hunt Calendar.

Rank them on these 4 satisfaction metrics

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A Quantitative Approach to Trust

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Hint: it’s not what you’re doing — do these 8 things instead

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If it doesn’t provide value, it’s hurting your business

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Do, Defer, Delegate, Delete

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Is there a pattern to the madness?

Stylistic representation of kanban cards
Kanban Cards (image created by author)

What, What Not, Why, and When

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Ensure you have a fighting chance at survival and growth

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What is DRR

You’ve no doubt heard of ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). DRR isn’t the daily version of those metrics — it stands for Dollar Revenue Retention. It’s not a raw dollar figure of how much revenue you’re bringing in, but rather a percentage that indicates whether your core business is growing or shrinking, before considering new deals.

Avi Siegel

Product leader. Puzzle enthusiast. Maker.

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